Welcome on the official clan - homepage from the Commanders Of Madness.

Our clan made it it's duty to bring you the marvelous and addicted-making world of Team Fortress for Quake 1 with these homepage something more near. Now you think certainly "mmmhhh?! QUAKE1!? Such a bullsxxx and such a stupid graphic!". Now good the graphic is not the newest one but for people with an 3DFX-Grafixcard there is a version of Quake since a longer time called GL-Quake with which the game looks rather good. And it dosnt need such a fast computer like many other games. A Pentium 166 with 3D-Grafixcard is sufficient to create a perfectly game environment. And Quake1 is also one of the only good multiplayer games for the Amiga computer till now. BUT the most important aspect, which speaks for Quake1 - NonQuakeWorld - Team Fortress is singular the GAMEPLAY which U will also soon notice. Forget simply this senseless Deathmatches (everyone against everyone) from standart Quake1 and many other 3D-Shooter which are played elsewhere. We find that totally senseless if u run without any reason and without any target around on a map while shooting on everything that comes in sight. There it is nevertheless better if u strives in a team for a target! Ahh and yes, Team Fortress becomes also NEVER boring!
If you still do not want to believe us then simply install Quake1 and TeamFortress on u`re computer and try it...

For questions, like for example "How do i install the TeamFortress package?" is our F.A.Q.-page there for u`re disposal. If you however have questions which did not be answered by the F.A.Q. then u can send us an e-mail. :-)
You find the addresses on the 'CONTACT'-page.

+ General remarks for the operation on this page: Since every browser possesses a 'BACK' button we did not consider it appropriate for inserting on each page such a button. Thus if u want to go a step back simply click on the 'BACK' button of u`re browser.

Ok then we wish u much fun on the following pages and naturally with TeamFortress! :-)