Some DM / TF - Quake 1 Players.
TheUnbeatabelDarkLegionsClan This link will bring you to the great HP from the DLC - DarkLegionsClan... but they have more than enough members so join US! :)
TheArmageddonOfTFClans! The cool new-designed HP of the Armygeddon Clan. But dosn`t our HP look great too? Thats why you should join US! ;)
ThePhoenixRisenFromTheAsh The first AmigaQuake TeamFortress clan foundet! Hmm ok they fusionated with another QW clan... but the page is still existing so why should i remove this link? :)
TheRisenThingie... Jep the fusionclan of the AngryAngels and ClanRisen = RisingAngels... Hmm what ever they play only QuakeWorld but sometimes the old CR`ler visit us NonQW guys! :)
DeutscheSteinkohleAG Hmm what happend to this old TF clan??? I don`t know but visit the "Deutschsprachigen-Klingonen-Assault-Group" even one time!



Jep thats the HP from MellowBrain... fucked up design but: (some) CONTENT! ;)
Cojos Home Here we go to the great page of our new Member Cojo!
His page is really worth a visit! The design is damn cool and his selfmade Pics on the Gallery page are also worth a look. There is also some good stuff on the FreeStuff page what could also be usefull....


This page is an El-Dorado for all Amiga-Fans. :-)

Hmm one of those obligatory info pages...
And again another obligatory link...
The last one... but this time to the original TF page!
Martins Grimoire

Yes we know... this link is stolen from the AGO page, but this page is so good that we must link it too! :)


This link will bring you to an usefull page where you could edit your QuakeNames online...